Archives for April 1, 2019

Design Extensions

Design Extensions is a full-service digital agency in St. Augustine that helps businesses succeed through quality websites, marketing branding and development. Since 1999, they;ve been in the business of helping other businesses grow.

We craft complete marketing plans with websites, social media, Google Ads, search engine optimization, custom video production, and much more. Then we track the results to create measurable success.

Rulon International

Rulon International creates custom wood ceilings and acoustical wall panels that transform ordinary spaces into beautiful, inspiring creations.

Rulon was already a renowned manufacturer of wood ceilings and wall panels before they came to us. As an established brand that does such high-quality work, they were not happy with their previous website. It was outdated, unclear and didn’t adequately showcase their wonderful products. They came to my agency for a modern website, fresh branding, and a new-and-improved E-commerce store.