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6 Helpful HubSpot Hacks You Should Know About

HubSpot is an indispensable tool for businesses looking to grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive business landscape. The platform’s product engineers have done an excellent job of making it intuitive and user friendly. HubSpot does not have a steep learning curve, and with a little guidance, even new users can perform different tasks quickly and seamlessly. Here, we will discuss some awesome HubSpot hacks that will make using the platform extremely easy.

When working with HubSpot, there are some tips and hacks that can make your work easier and increase your productivity significantly. They will save you valuable time and effort, and you don’t have to scratch your head all day. This article outlines six helpful HubSpot hacks to make the most out of HubSpot and provide a great experience for you and your customers.  

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1. Organize Content Using the Campaign Tool

This is one of the first HubSpot hacks that will help you. While ‘content is king’ may seem like an old cliché, it is the present-day reality. Research shows that 70% of marketers are investing in content marketing. Content is essential and helps companies cultivate credibility, increase conversions, generate leads, and connect with customers.

HubSpot’s campaign tool lets you tag content and related marketing assets to determine your marketing efforts’ effectiveness. It is best practice to organize all of the content using the campaign tool to see how it impacts you and your client’s business.

Consequently, you can identify the most effective content to use for your campaigns. Depending on the effect of the content on you and your client’s business, you can amend it accordingly.

2. Adopt a Naming Convention for all Assets

When was the last time you struggled finding something – keys, remote control, wallet, or even files in your organization’s database?

The time and effort spent looking for specific assets could be spent more productively elsewhere. As such, it is fundamental to develop a system for naming files and assets, especially those in HubSpot.

HubSpot has numerous moving parts, ranging from workflows to templates, forms, lists, documents, and emails. Have a naming convention for all these assets, so they are easy to find. Also, a naming convention avoids duplicates that harm a database.

When creating a naming convention, you need to set ground rules and have everyone in the company comply. The naming convention can be;

  • The date the asset is created, first used, or campaign launches.
  • An identifier to establish the type of asset it is. For instance, you can use EM for email, LP for landing page.
  • A freeform description for easy retrieval.

3. Use Lead Scoring to Segment Contacts

Consider using lead scoring to segment contacts into MQLs and SQLs automatically. Lead scoring is a critical part of HubSpot’s lead management system. It lets you assign value to your leads so that you can prioritize the highest quality leads.

With HubSpot, you can create a value system using information from past leads. You can then utilize this system to rank new leads based on the professional data the leads have provided and their interaction with your business online. Subsequently, you can differentiate between those interested in your offerings and those that are just browsing.   

Instead of wasting time, energy, and money sifting through each lead and even chasing bad leads, lead scoring allows you to focus on leads that are likely to convert. Lead scoring automatically segments contacts into MQL and SQL.

MQL is a prospect who has engaged with your company and has a high probability of becoming a customer if nurtured well. An SQL is a lead that has expressed interest in your offerings and is ready to move into the sales process. Segmenting leads into SQL and MQL is crucial because it saves time, and you sell to the right people. Also, it offers more qualified leads to generate more conversions.

4. Have a Folder Structure in the File Manager to Stick to

Many people overlook the importance of file and asset management. Keeping files organized will save you the hassle of locating them since they will be easy to find. You don’t have to wait for the employee who uploaded a file to explain the abbreviations he used to name it.

With HubSpot’s File Manager, you can upload videos, audios, fonts, images, and other assets your site requires. It is essential to have a uniform folder structure in the File Manager to find files quickly and avoid confusion. Place your files in easily identifiable folders with a consistent structure that makes sense for your employees.

Although the File Manager lets you search for files in all folders, relying on the search option creates issues as your business grows. However, when you follow a single folder structure, you create consistency in your File Manager and save time lost to poor asset management. It is best practice to organize folders based on purpose –topic or theme rather than the file type. Also, folder names should be unique and precise.

5. Keep Your Design Manager Clean

HubSpot’s Design Manager contains tools to allow designers to create stunning and responsive websites. It also provides marketers with the flexibility to draft and edit content in a compelling interface. Strive to keep your design manager clean.

Do not install loads of templates or modules you don’t require. You can always create a dev account if you want to play around with the design manager. If you need to clean up your Design Manager, do so cautiously. Deleting some files may harm the live page of a website.

6. Hire a HubSpot Certified Agency

The people who work at HubSpot are great. Nevertheless, they are measured on how many licenses they or their partners sell and retain. Selling software is not the same as selling agency services. HubSpot Certified Agencies help you use HubSpot optimally to save time and money, increase productivity, and drive business growth.  

The Takeaway

HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing platform is an incredible asset for businesses. It saves time and money by eradicating the need to work with multiple systems and streamlining workflows. It is no brainer that working with HubSpot makes a marketer’s work easy and stress-free.

The HubSpot hacks discussed above can help you better use HubSpot and add more bliss to marketing. Try them today, and make HubSpot work for you.

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